The “A” in Thanksgiving is for Atlanta!


momsEven though I currently like in Louisville, KY, I have family in multiple different states. I have family in GA, NC, CT, and many more. Every year for Thanksgiving, all of my family comes together in Atlanta to celebrate Thanksgiving as one. We all gather at my cousin’s beautiful home which we all spend the weekend enjoying each others company. Considering we all have our own private lives and things we must accomplish, we do not all make it to Atlanta every year for Thanksgiving.

Usually, my mother, father, brother and I travel to Atlanta on Thanksgiving day, but this year was slightly different. My brother is now a division 1 athlete and he is currently in season and was unable to come home for Thanksgiving this year. Almost a month ago, my father lost his father so he decided to stay in Louisville to comfort my grandmother during this holiday season. Even though the boys could not attend, my mother and I still decided to travel to Atlanta on Thanksgiving day. We flew out of Louisville bright an early in excitement to see family we haven’t seen in almost a year.

Thanksgiving has definitely become one of my favorite holidays as I have aged. At the age of 21, I now value family time and relationships with family more than ever because I now understand the significance. It is always a joy to see family during the holidays. Family members begin to get older, taller, smarter, and it has always been a perk of mine when visiting Atlanta. Thanksgiving also opens up room for family members who typically do not meet in Atlanta every year to be able to come and join in on the family festivities on this holiday.

moms2.jpgMy family has a few traditions we have upheld for the last few years. After we bless the food and everyone has eaten plenty, we come back together to reflect on the year we have had as a family. We open the floor to anyone who is wanting and willing to speak in front of the family and give updates on how things have been since the last time we had all been together. I usually like to stand up and speak on how blessed I am to have a family like the one I have. I admire the time and memories we make together each and every year and I hope they never end.

We also have another tradition we like to end Thanksgiving night with, which is game night. We usually play one round of the game “Left, right, center” which gets us all in the mood for a family filled game night together. This year we had over 25 people participating in our traditional game night which was very heart warming to say the least. Seeing everyone enjoying each others company in a city we like to call a second home.

This year Thanksgiving made me realize how important it is to keep in touch with family. We tend to look for other sources and outlets to help us with things in life and you never know, one day a family member could be able to answer and assist in a situation you may not have know they could have.



M.I.A. in MIA :D

As any other college student, I had dreams of wanting to spend my spring break some where other than in Louisville. There were tons of options for me to attest to: NOLA, Phoneix, Miami, etc., but I was strung out trying to decide which place would portray the most fun and give me memories that will last a life time. After long thought and consulting with my friends, we decided to spend our spring break in Miami, Florida. Miami is a crazy place to be during spring break, especially for spring break. In high school I visited Panama City Beach, FL my senior year which was a good time, but nothing compares to spending spring break in Miami.

Miami is 16 hours away from my home, Louisville, KY. With that being said, my friends and I decided to to fly to Miami instead of being stuck in a car for 16 long hours. I stayed in an apartment style room with my two friends, very close to South Beach. For those who do not know, South Beach is the famous beach located in Miami Beach where all “spring breakers” unite to celebrate a break from college. While in Miami, I met people from many different states. Some to name are Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, etc. I found it very interesting how we all live in different cities but somehow all migrated to Miami, Florida to spend spring break together.

Majority of people who attend Miami are 21 and over because Miami is famous for their night life. Miami is not very family oriented, it is mainly for adults who are there to go out on the town and party. Now, partying is not the one thing to do in Miami. Close to where I stayed for spring break was a strip filled with restaurants, clubs, shops and entertainment. Since the strip was so close to where I stayed in Miami we ate dinner on the strip every night, sometimes in elegant places and sometimes not as elegant.

I enjoyed myself so much in Miami for Spring Break, I decided to visit again for my birthday. My birthday happens to be July 4th (yes, I am a fire cracker baby), so the experience was amazing. This time around, I went with family including my mother, sister and cousin. We stay at the Fontainbleau hotel which is a 4-star hotel and is very known around the United States. I spent most of my time laying out at the beach and exercising my right to participate in the holiday drinking. Turning 21 in a city like Miami was an experience that I will never forget. There was a huge fireworks show right over the beach where I stayed and the night was perfect. The sun was down and even though the night was still warm, I enjoyed being out in the atmosphere.

I will be visiting Miami again in January for a friends birthday and I think the experience will be very similar to the one I had on my own birthday. Stay tuned to get an update on my new trip to Miami in less than 2 months!!!! 🙂

Homecoming SZN :-)


As we all know, homecomings bring together all students, alumni, fans, etc to celebrate the accomplishments and new accomplishments to come within a university. Homecomings are a great way to catch up with people who you may not be the closest to after graduation, but would still love to catch up with. This past homecoming season, I attended events at three different schools other than my own. The three schools were University of Kentucky, Spelman/Morehouse College and Alcorn State University.

First, let’s start with how I ended up at my school’s rival homecoming….. My bestfriend, who happens to be my cousin, attends UK and will be graduating next month. We decided to attend the homecoming events at her school considering her days in undergraduate are numbered. Attending the events at UK was a very similar experience to Louisville’s homecoming events. While I compared the two schools homecomings, I noticed the biggest event between the two are the game that is hosted at each university. The state of Kentucky as a whole is considered to be “sport schools” which means that sports play a big importance role within each school. It was very interesting to see how the two schools could be similar and I definitely think sports would be a great way to bring the two together.

I also attended two HBCU homecomings to add onto my homecoming season journey. For those who are not aware, HBCU stands for historically black college or university, which means the university was originated and founded by African Americans. First, I attended Alcorn State University which is located in Lorman, Mississippi. I never knew how warm it could be in the beginning of October until I went to Mississippi. Since Mississippi is further down south, the weather remains fairly warm until late October.

The send HBCU homecoming I attended Spelman/Morehouse College. The university is located in Atlanta, GA which is always moving down south. The weather was not nearly as warm as Mississippi, but it was still very enjoyable. An interesting fact about Spelman/Morehouse is they are two separate schools, one for boys and one for girls. The schools decide to have their homecomings together in order for students to be able to experience all activities college students should be experiencing. For example, Spelman has cheerleaders but they cheer football games for Morehouse since Morehouse is the boy portion of the college.

One thing that stood out to me the most between the two HBCU homecomings was the tailgate. The tailgate was very different from your standard PWI homecoming. I like to consider the “Spel-house” homecoming tailgate a block party. Not only we’re fans tailgating for the game, but they were also selling spirit wear, food and souvenirs. There were so many people purchasing items whether it was for the game or for later use, much revenue was brought in from these items being sold at the tailgate.

To compare both PWI and HBCU homecomings, I think the common goal was portrayed through all three homecomings. I enjoyed being able to watch people engage with one another over a common trait, each university. My graduation date is set for December 2019, which means I still have one more round of homecoming season…… stay tuned to see where I end up next!!!!!!!!!

Gigi’s Journeys

What is my “why”?

I like to think of my “why” as my purpose. I want the purpose of my blog to solely for recreation. I want to grow love for a place where I can share my experiences and encourage others to want to do so also. During recent conversation in my life, I have come across the question “How can a blog be effective?” and I would like to touch on this question to explain my “why”.

This is a question that can we approached in multiple different ways and the answer depends on the person, solely. Personally, I believe a blog can be effective in many ways.

One being, blogs are very popular and common in today’s society. There are tons of celebrities and everyday people who blog for different reasons. Whether it’s for recreation or to inform. Blogs can be effective because are using them everywhere. I find it interesting and easy to be able to find a person’s blog in which you are interested in learning more about. If someone is interested in a topic and want to learn more about the topic, blogs are a great and effective way to do so.

Blogs can be written off personal experiences or based on research. I think this component is what separates blogs from other forms of informative media that we may use today. You can customize your blog to your own liking which can also attract others. The way you portray and indulge in your blog will attract others to be interested in you.

For example, if you are a blogger and you have a fan base, this is an easy outlet to be able to reach other users and gain more followers. If you are wanting to spread the word about an idea or information you believe is worth sharing, share it on a blog. Blogs are a fun and interesting way to grab others attention based on something they may not find interesting from the beginning. Once one person shares your thoughts or ideas with their own followers, blogs can become very effective.

With that being said, I have also wanted to share my travel experiences, therefore I decided to create my blog on travel. I come from a family background where travel has always been an important part of life. My parents have lived a life of travel and I like to say this “trait” has been passed down to me. I want to encourage other people to set goals and learn how to travel in cost effective ways.

Usually, we have a reason for travel and why we are attending the places we are and I fall right into that category. Whether its for a wedding, birthday, graduation or homecoming, I have a reason to be traveling. I want to encourage people to want to see other places when they are given the chance to.

So here we go, welcome to Gigi’s Journey’s!!!!!! I hope you enjoy this blog just as much as I do, if not more! 🙂